Newborn Fox Set

My cousin Kelly is having a baby soon. She’s due on October 4th and this is her second so my guess is the baby will arrive on October 1st. I have a good track record with these guesses so far. Kelly’s first baby, Riley, arrived on October 27th, exactly as I guessed she would!

Two years ago I crocheted Riley a cute little “hoot hat” for her newborn photo shoot. This time Kelly wanted a fox themed outfit. Here’s what I made:

Newborn Set

I used the Newborn – 12 Month Fox Set pattern by Briana K Crochet, and H hook, Red Heart with Love yarn in mango and black, and Lion Brand Homespun in cream. It was a quick project that I finished over three days while talking to a friend or listening to a podcast since I had to keep my eyes on my work and frequently look at my pattern.

Now I’m itching to do more crocheting and may have started on another small project…

Interested in the Hoot Hat I made for Riley last year? Here it is…

Hoot Hat

This one was made using the Mystic Owl Hat pattern by Speckled Frog Crochet. After bringing it to the baby shower to give to Kelly I ended up making 5 more of these owl hats and got quite good at the pattern. I love making baby things.


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